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“They hate me! I’m rich!” Javier Dominguez Ferreiro

Steve Ballmer: the hits and misses of a Microsoft CEO

How much are you worth to your company? Earlier this week, Steve Ballmer had the misfortune to discover that the announcement of his retirement increased Microsoft’s share price by 7.6%. Dispiriting as…
Personality assessment is often used by recruiters to predict workplace success, with varying degrees of accuracy.

Who do you think you are? The problems with workplace personality tests

Employers recognise that work performance can’t be predicted perfectly by formal qualifications, references and interviews. Job candidates may have sheaves of diplomas, incandescent recommendations, a…
Are students “customers”? The answer is not so simple. Piggy bank image from

Students aren’t customers…or are they?

With the rise of mass higher learning, tight public funding and intense competition for students, universities are often encouraged to see students as “customers”. But should they? Commentators who criticise…
Governments should be careful to protect human rights when contracting with businesses, such as health services in immigration detention. Department of Immigration & Citizenship

It’s time for business schools to put human rights on the agenda

Last week, the UN held its first-ever business and human rights forum in Geneva. It’s part of a growing awareness that multinationals have a big impact on human rights. Opening the forum, the UN’s human…

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