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The Hunger Games heroine Katniss Everdeen represents the strength of living the Beatitudes against injustice. Murray Close/Lionsgate

Blessed are the Hunger Games? Katniss Everdeen lives the Beatitudes

The Hunger Games movie franchise has ended. What can we learn from Katniss Everdeen about living a just life? This article contains spoilers for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II.
Jesuit astronomers with Chinese scholars in the 18th century. Les cahiers de Science et Vie October 2009

Jesuits as science missionaries for the Catholic Church

As a Jesuit, Pope Francis is part of a long tradition of religious men of science. Will his leadership influence the Catholic Church's stance on contemporary scientific issues?
AAP/Fabrizio Belluschi

Is the Pope Catholic?

Call me old-fashioned if you like, but I’ve always found it a bit difficult to take men who go to work wearing silk dresses, lots of jewellery, and improbably large hats terribly seriously. Plenty of people…
They are listening but whose side are they on? Max Rossi/Reuters

The tectonic plates of world Catholicism shift

An extraordinary two weeks in Rome ended Saturday with a standing ovation. Pope Francis had invited 191 bishops and clergy to the Synod on the family to speak their minds on issues such as divorce, premarital…
Crowd-pleaser: Pope Francis I. EPA/Chung Sung-Jun

After 65 years, is China finally ready to embrace the Pope?

Pope Francis flew over China on his way to South Korea late last week, where the Catholic Church has seen rapid growth in the last decade. Papal custom is to send a telegram to the leaders of nations over…
“Gender, it’s just not my thing,” argued protestors against the ABCD equality programme. Peter Potrowl, Wikimedia Commons

France gives way to opponents of ‘gender theory’ in schools

Everybody in France has a view on ABCD de l’égalité. A controversial school programme aimed at combating sexism and gender stereotypes that was introduced in 275 schools last September as an experiment…
Pope Francis embraces Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI during the canonisation mass of Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII. EPA/Osservatore Romano Press Office

John Paul is no saint – his canonisation is political theatre

The week after Easter, Pope Francis presided over the canonisation ceremony which declared his two most famous contemporary predecessors, John Paul II and John XXIII, were now “saints”. This is an important…
Pope Francis is yet to walk among, and embrace, the victims who have suffered at the hands of his brother priests. Tiziana Fabi/EPA

A cool change, but what has Pope Francis actually achieved?

A year ago this week, the ageing, doctrinaire and aristocratic Pope, Benedict XVI, shocked keen Vatican watchers and the public alike by his sudden resignation. Few were prepared for the shockwaves that…
Pope Francis’ journey to the Middle East will be a defining journey on the question of Catholic-Eastern Orthodox unity. EPA/L'Osservatore Romano

Making history personal: Pope Francis’ mission of unity to the Middle East

Pope Francis announced this month he will visit the Middle East in May this year. While it has been foreshadowed since the first weeks of his papacy, this event will place the Church’s first South American…
Is religion a relic of the past? Saffron Blaze

British faith today: open to the spirit, closed to religion

All sorts of claims about religious decline are flying around at the moment, from George Carey’s comment that the Church of England is “one generation away from extinction” to Richard Dawkins’ comments…
Understated as ever. ANSA/Osservatore Romano

Pope Francis brings religious subtlety to Catholic dogma

Liberals are enthusiastic, while conservative Catholics express deepening dismay. The Pope must be giving interviews again. Reactions to Francis’s sit-down with Antonio Spadaro, editor in chief of La Civilt…

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