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Many people might be in trouble care of the Ashley Madison hack. lucyburrluck/Flickr

What if the Ashley Madison hack was an inside job?

If the Ashley Madison hack was an inside job, then it shows that even strong protection against outside attacks isn't necessarily enough to prevent a leak of private data.
Would reporter Bob Woodward have been able to protect Deep Throat’s identity from today’s surveillance tools? Reuters/Alex Gallardo

How surveillance is wrecking journalist-source confidentiality

Four decades on, in a digital era of surveillance and data storage, Watergate remains a useful yardstick for assessing the value of source confidentiality.
It’s disingenuous for newspaper editors to claim ignorance in reporting trans issues.

How media reports affect trans people, and what should be done

Yesterday, the Courier-Mail put the gruesome murder of Indonesian transwoman Mayang Prasetyo, killed by her partner Marcus Volker, on its front page. The article is breathtaking in its prurience and voyeurism…
Does anyone have an easier question? EPA/Drew Angerer

NSA surveillance is a clear threat to journalism in America

Digital mass surveillance is having a chilling effect on US democracy, affecting journalists and lawyers, a report from human rights organisations has warned. The report, by Human Rights Watch and the…
British Labour MP has worked to expose and investigate activities by News Corporation figures ranging from phone hacking to bribing police. Chris Boland

In Conversation with Tom Watson MP: edited transcript

Jill Singer: You’ve come here fresh from being British Labour’s campaign coordinator, which you’re not doing now. We won’t get into all the argy-bargy about that. But I wonder, coming from that perspective…
Hero or traitor? Bradley Manning will have years to ponder the question. EPA/Shawn Thew

35 years for Manning, and time for better whistleblowing laws

Bradley Manning, the whistleblower behind the biggest leak of military secrets in history, has been sentenced to 35 years imprisonment. Convicted for six offences under the Espionage Act, he will have…
In truth, whistleblower Bradley Manning’s experiences with online media are not so far removed from other ‘digital natives’. EPA/Jim Lo Scalzo

Born this way? Becoming Bradley Manning in a digital world

As US Army private Bradley Manning stares down 90 years in jail, his lawyers are fighting the weight of history. Prosecutors want us to see a soldier who shamefully turned his back on a sacred oath. To…
The natural conclusion from the conviction of Bradley Manning is that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is now firmly in the sights of US prosecutors. AAP/UPI Media

With Bradley Manning convicted, what now for Julian Assange?

Bradley Manning’s conviction for espionage marks the closing stages in the US Army private’s personal battle. Yet for Julian Assange, founder of whistleblower website WikiLeaks and Australian Senate candidate…
The trial of US Army private Bradley Manning - alleged to have leaked classified information to whistleblower website WikiLeaks - is underway. EPA/Michael Reynolds

WikiLeaks and aiding the enemy: the court martial of Bradley Manning

Even before his trial commenced, United States Army private Bradley Manning must have known that he would be spending a significant time in prison. Think decades rather than years. Manning pleaded guilty…

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