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The power is yours. wycliffesa

What sign language teaches us about the brain

The world’s leading humanoid robot, ASIMO, has recently learnt sign language. The news of this breakthrough came just as I completed Level 1 of British Sign Language (I dare say it took me longer to master…
Newborn hearing screening usually takes place in maternity wards while the baby is settled or asleep. Kimberly/Flickr

Newborn hearing screening vital for giving babies the best start

Between one and three of every 1,000 newborns will have a significant, permanent hearing loss. These babies have a six-month window of opportunity for treatment that will allow them to retain their developmental…
Men account for 61% of the health expenditure on hearing loss. charlene trapp

Wired by sound: the long-term impacts of constant noise

I have a favourite café that I have patronised regularly for many years. It’s often crowded and noisy and, until this year, I coped with that by taking my coffee early – before the café ambience became…
The ears on Copiphora gorgonensis, a neotropical katydid from the National Natural Park Gorgona Island, Colombia, work in a similar way to human ears. Image courtesy of Daniel Robert & Fernando Montealegre-Z

Sound familiar? The insect ear that works like your own

The ears on a South American rainforest katydid’s legs work nearly the same way human ears do, a new study has found, showing…
Sign languages vary from one part of the world to the next, just as spoken languages do. Margaret Woods/Moore

Warning signs: how our research was misrepresented in the news

Research needs to be presented carefully to not mislead the community. It’s worrying when information is taken out of context by the media for a news item that may only run for one day. But this is exactly…

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