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A dingo in the wild. Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre

Want dingoes to leave people alone? Cut the junk food

Dingoes are back in the news, with Prime Minister Tony Abbott raising concerns on ABC radio last week about dingoes in drought-hit areas of Queensland and New South Wales: I’d learnt some years ago on…
A dead dingo in 2013 (left) and a Tasmanian tiger, last seen in the wild in 1932. Dingo photography by Aaron Greenville; a hunted thylacine in 1869, photographer unknown.

Will we hunt dingoes to the brink like the Tasmanian tiger?

The last Tasmanian tiger died a lonely death in the Hobart Zoo in 1936, just 59 days after new state laws aimed at protecting it from extinction were passed in parliament. But the warning bells about its…
A free-ranging (dingo-like) dog in Kakadu National Park. John Tracey

Dingoes, dogs and the feral identity

On a stop-over in Thailand, CSIRO scientist Laurie Corbett noticed some familiar-looking, ginger dogs wandering the streets. This encounter set him thinking about the origins of Australia’s dingoes, a…
Dingo: when they come to rely on humans for food and water, not killing them can be naive. Flickr/woulfe

Non-violence has its place, but let’s give dingoes due credit

The sad reality of human-dingo relations is that blood will be shed, as Brad Purcell recently reminded us in these pages with his article about non-violent co-existence, The Australian Dingo: to be respected…
An important ‘apex predator’ that should neither be hunted as an enemy nor treated as a pet. With respect and wisdom, we can coexist. AAP/Tony Phillips

The Australian dingo: to be respected, at a distance

It’s the dry season in the Northern Territory, and for many people that means camping under a clear winter’s sky in the Top End. Yet rediscovering nature can be a fraught exercise in wilderness areas like…
Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton can finally close one of the most traumatic chapters in Australian history. AAP/Shane Eecen

Azaria Chamberlain inquest: forget the dingo jokes and recognise Lindy’s trauma

Imagine that your nine-week-old, longed-for daughter is taken by a wild animal in the night. Imagine you are suspected of killing her, and then convicted of this crime and imprisoned. Imagine that long…
The dingo fence is a blunt instrument; we could do better. Paleontour/Flickr

Can Australia afford the dingo fence?

We feel we have to set the record straight after some of our (Bradshaw’s) comments were taken grossly out of context, or not considered at all (Ritchie’s). A bubbling kerfuffle in the media over the last…
A Tasmanian tiger is strung up by its hind legs. AAP/Supplied

Dingoes may have wiped out Tasmanian tiger on mainland

Dingoes were twice the size of female thylacines and could have caused their extinction on mainland Australia through direct…
Dingos are introduced, but have they gone native? AAP

Ask the locals: a new way to tell if dingoes are native

Native status is a big deal. It affects where conservation dollars are spent, and our inherent reaction to a species. Most people believe that native equals good and alien equals bad, but in some cases…
Without action, Fraser Island’s dingoes will be extinct in 20 years. ogwen/Flickr

Death of the Fraser Island dingo

Fraser Island dingoes, a population facing extinction, are back in the news again, but for all the wrong reasons. The latest? Australian rangers have killed two dingoes believed to have mauled a three-year-old…

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