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‘It’s peculiar the way in which viewers of my vintage judged the first part of Seven’s miniseries on its authenticity.’ Image courtesy of Channel 7.

Molly is lacking as a TV show but millions, including me, are hooked

'I suppose that, as I'm 50, Molly is absolutely my demographic: I was nine when Countdown began and 23 when it ended, and I was a devotee for most of that time – a devotee who was often disgusted ...'
German director Jette Steckel has bought an urgent, vivid and highly phyiscal version of Woyzeck to the Sydney Festival. Woyzeck, Sydney Festival 2016.

Barely hanging on: Woyzeck at the Sydney Festival

Jette Steckel has bought the Sydney Festival a version of Woyzeck that is as exciting, uncompromising and disturbing now as it was when it was first premiered in 1913.
Brokentalkers Have I No Mouth directly tells a story of family grief and loss. Photo: Jeremy Abrahams. Melbourne International Arts Festival

Authentic theatre: Have I No Mouth at the Melbourne Festival

Have I No Mouth, an Irish play showing at the Melbourne International Arts Festival, opens with a short video: a pint of Guinness on a tour of Dublin, Ireland. It isn’t a glossy, tourist itinerary we see…
A fundamental aspect of drama is the need for rising tension. Maria

Tepid TV? Australia needs to sharpen its cutting edge

A special thing happened in August this year: Foxtel launched BBC First, a premium channel showcasing the best of contemporary British television drama. As a global channel that chose Australia as its…
Photographs sometimes mean what they can be shown to mean. AAP Image/Julian Smith

Terrorism, truth and trust – how dramaturgy informs real life

Drama and its core principles are to be found in theatres while the real world goes on outside, right? Wrong. And recent events bear this out. Dramaturgy is the art of managing events in time for the benefit…
The reimagining of previous Prisoner characters brings depth and empathy to a world of female criminals. FOXTEL

Why Wentworth is raising the bar in Australian TV drama

There’s no escaping it. Wentworth, FremantleMedia’s reimagining of the Reg Grundy cult classic TV series Prisoner, is packing a punch far above its weight – and probably all industry expectations. A project…

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