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Kate Middleton’s path to motherhood, like any woman’s, could take unexpected turns. AAP

The perils of announcing a pregnancy in public

After weeks of speculation about the contents of her uterus, it was revealed overnight that Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is indeed pregnant. However, Catherine is in the early weeks of her…
Those who know the identity of their donor from a young age are less likely to experience psychological problems. Ron Wiecki

Rights of donor children must come before egg donation compensation

University of Tasmania academic Meredith Nash recently argued on The Conversation that women who donate their eggs for fertility treatments should be financially compensated. It’s a risky and time-consuming…
Paying up to $5,000 in a carefully regulated market would recognise the inconveniences associated with donation. misterbenben

Women who donate their eggs deserve compensation – here’s why

Women are generally born with about a million eggs. Yet, women with reproductive problems or “older” women (over the age of 40) often cannot conceive with their own eggs. The solution is to use donor eggs…
Some women question the long-term impact of the contraceptive pill on their fertility. J. Stephen Conn

Monday’s medical myth: the pill affects long-term fertility

The combined oral contraceptive pill is the most popular form of contraception in Australia and is taken by an estimated 100 million women worldwide. The pill’s most obvious use is to prevent pregnancy…
Back, sperm, back: a human egg on the tip of a pin. Flickr/wellcome images

Squaring up to difficult truths: how to reduce the population

Elephants in the room, part two For all our schemes and mantras about making our lives environmentally “sustainable”, humanity’s assault on the planet not only continues but expands. What are the deep…
Researchers say women may be able to prolong their fertility in future by having an ovarian tissue transplant. bronx

Slowing the biological clock won’t solve family planning dilemmas

In future, women could remain fertile for longer by undergoing an ovarian tissue transplant, according to paper published this week by American and Danish researchers. The Reproductive Biomedicine paper…
A prospective voter - will the Gillard government’s paid maternity leave scheme affect the birth rate? AAP

The baby bonus failed to increase fertility - but we should still keep it

Although the introduction of the baby bonus in 2004 was designed to provide financial assistance to families, a clear pro-natalist intent was also apparent. Treasurer Peter Costello’s quip is now famous…
Tight underwear may increase scrotal temperature but there’s no evidence to show it reduces fertility. AAP

Monday’s medical myth: wearing tight undies will make you infertile

Most men have a preference for boxers or briefs, but which are better when it comes to fertility? Many things can affect a man’s ability to make or transport sperm, including sexually transmitted infections…
Women with polycystic ovary syndrome, which can make it hard to conceive, are more likely to have parents who suffer from heart disease and hypertension, a study has found. Flickr/Thomas van Ardenne

Study links PCOS to parental heart disease, stroke

Women diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), an endocrine disorder that can cause fertility problems, are more…
Inherited only from mothers, the mitochondria may harbour male-harming mutations. ddc c z/flickr

Could ‘mother’s curse’ cause male infertility?

As many as a one in 20 men is infertile, but in many cases the underlying cause for it remains unknown. Recent research has found that a peculiarity in the way in which the DNA inside our mitochondria…

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