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Australia’s employee fraud problem needs a new approach. Shutterstock

Making companies pay for failing to prevent employee fraud

The high cost of organisational fraud in both private and public sectors in Australia continues to haunt organisations, particularly fraud committed by “trusted” employees. Cases prosecuted this month…
How secure is a signature on a credit card? Flickr/Jonas Carlsson

A forced PIN for all credit cards won’t stop the biggest fraud

Put the pen away when you next take out your credit card as from tomorrow (Friday August 1) Australians will no longer be able to use their signature when completing a transaction in a store. It’s PINs…
Shooting the messenger? Lamido Sanusi. David Shankbone

Central bank independence meets resource curse in Nigeria

The suspension of governor Lamido Sanusi from the helm of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is important, and not just for for analysts of future Nigerian monetary and exchange policies. Sanusi’s case…
Road signs in Iceland.

Hamstrung SFO not capable of holding bankers to account

Iceland has sent four former directors of its bank Kaupthing to prison for fraud. But the chances of similar legal action happening in the UK are low, where fraud investigators have a poor record. The…
Skate, or “skate”? Andrew M Griffiths

Unchecked food fraud threatens vulnerable fish

The deliberate act of falsely representing, labelling or advertising food, known as “food fraud”, is not a recent phenomenon. The deceitful adulteration of food has a long history based on the promise…
Now, no cheating: why doesn’t Australia have its own Office for Research Integrity? Nat20_Film

From fraud to fair play: Australia must support research integrity

Science is knowledge gained from reproducible observations or experiments. Yet in a commentary in Nature in May last year, researchers from biotechnology company Amgen reported that the findings in 90…
Would an “open science” approach lead to less academic fraud? It’s possible. jintae kim's photography

Scientific fraud, sloppy science – yes, they happen

Fraud. It’s an ugly word, an arresting word. As with “cheating” it comes loaded with negative connotations, but can potentially lead to far greater penalties and consequences. And yet fraud in science…
Barclays’ manipulation of the LIBOR has raised questions about the Bank of England’s lack of regulatory oversight. AAP

Barclays scandal poses uncomfortable questions for Serious Fraud Office

The United Kingdom has had a remarkably poor track record in prosecuting serious economic fraud. In part, this can be traced to deficiencies in the toolkit available to the Serious Fraud Office, a fact…
Former Goldman Sachs and Procter & Gamble director Rajat Gupta faces securities fraud charges. AAP

Trading on reputation: the trials of Rajat Gupta and the SEC

The Department of Justice in the United States has significantly broadened the reach of its investigation into insider trading. The charging of a former director of Goldman Sachs and Procter & Gamble…

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