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Poul Henningsen’s Artichoke Lamp, viewed from below at London’s Park Plaza Hotel. Doc Searls/Wikimedia Commons

From the mundane to the divine, some of the best-designed products of all time

We asked five design experts – what's your favorite product of all time, and why?
The Briggs Family Tea Service tells the story of George Briggs and Woretermoeteyenner, during the early years of Tasmania. Trent Jansen

I merge Indigenous stories with my design – maybe others should too

In our personal and working lives, there are some lines that should not be crossed and others that must be. As a designer, crossing the line that exists between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian…
George Rose’s light is one of the products on display at this year’s Fringe Furniture exhibition. Anna Lorenzetto

Fringe Furniture: the products that help us understand who we are

Every product is a blabbermouth; it has a tendency to answer every question – and then some - Del Coates. Coates, an American industrial designer and design academic, is right. The processes and outputs…
Why has David Foulkes Taylor again been left out of the history of mid-century Australian design? Ted Snell

Don’t forget the west: mid-century modern and David Foulkes Taylor

In 1982, I wrote an introduction to a survey exhibition of the work of Western Australian furniture designer David Foulkes Taylor lamenting that so little attention had “… been directed towards the recording…

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