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Rich countries have committed to providing money to developing countries for low-carbon energy, such as this solar farm in India, and to adapt to the effects of climate change. AP Photo/Ajit Solanki

Trump’s plan to end climate funding thrusts responsibility to other countries

Any progress on global climate aid must overcome the long-standing North-South divide on economic development and environmental protection.
A long way to go for $100 billion Green Climate Fund.

The biggest sticking point in Paris climate talks: money

Rich countries are supposed to give $100 billion to developing countries in the upcoming Paris climate talks to deal with climate change. How much has been committed and how will this work?
Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop are bidding to repair the government’s tarnished reputation on climate - but have they pledged enough? AAP Image/Lukas Coch

Australia’s $200 million climate pledge falls short of its true debt

At the United Nations Lima climate summit, Australia’s foreign minister Julie Bishop has pledged A$200 million over four years to the Green Climate Fund, which seeks to raise US$100 billion (A$120 billion…
Julie Bishop will need to fight to rescue Australia’s standing after a dire first week at the Lima climate talks. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

Julie Bishop arrives at climate talks amid ignominy for Australia

Australia’s foreign minister Julie Bishop will have a lot of explaining to do when she arrives here in Lima, Peru, ahead of her address to the UN climate summit tomorrow. It will take all of her diplomatic…
Many G20 members have now pledged contributions to the Green Climate Fund, but Australia has signalled it will not. PR handout/AAP

UN Green Climate Fund: it’s time for Australia to step up

The G20 summit in Brisbane has put the pressure on Australia to boost its action on climate change not just at home but also internationally through a new UN-backed fund. The summit yielded major pledges…

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