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Feeling secure about housing is very important for elderly people, especially when physical and financial constraints limit their options. Image from

Affordable housing is a problem for older Australians, too

The federal parliament has established a far-reaching inquiry into affordable housing. The terms of reference make only two specific references to issues affecting older people, but it is essential that…
Affordable housing in China is usually clustered into fenced housing estates of 1000 to 4000 dwelling units. Rebecca L.H. Chiu

China plans 36 million affordable homes: lessons for Australia

The sudden dismissal of Australia’s National Housing Supply Council last month suggests we may be entering a new housing policy vacuum. This is bad news for aspiring first home buyers, whose numbers have…
A government guarantee could attract more private investment into affordable housing. PT Money/Flickr

It’s time we incentivised affordable housing investment

First home buyers are slipping in the ranks of Australians purchasing a home, and once again negative gearing and supply issues are back in the spotlight. Even Aussie Home Loans founder John Symond has…

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