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Protesters wearing masks of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump march in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dominick Reuter/Reuters

Are U.S. politics beyond a joke?

From Alfonso the Wise's bawdy songs of slander to Ronald Reagan's sunny smile, politics and humor have gone hand-in-hand for centuries. But no one seems to be laughing anymore.
Laughter doesn’t actually cure anything – it’s used as an addition to standard health care, not a replacement. killerturnip

The lowdown on laughter: from boosting immunity to releasing tension

We start laughing at around 3 months of age. Women laugh more than men, but blokes tell more jokes. As the Melbourne International Comedy Festival begins, here's the latest on mirth.
Interpreting what different types of laughter mean requires different brain regions. chris.huggins

I amuse you? Judging laughter is no joke for the brain

There’s nothing quite like overhearing a hearty belly-laugh, unless perhaps it’s having a good chortle yourself. The happy likelihood is that, in any case, one guffaw will lead to the other. Laughter is…

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