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Women with DCIS or stage 0 breast cancer have the same chance of dying from breast cancer as the rest of the population – 3.3%. CristinaMuraca/Shutterstock

Treating ‘stage 0’ breast cancer doesn’t always save women’s lives so should we screen for it?

We're told that finding symptoms of disease early will prevent the more serious consequences. But for pre-cancerous lesions, also known as stage 0 breast cancer, the picture is much more complicated.
Today Show host, Lisa Wilkinson, undergoing a mammogram live on the Channel 9’s Today Show. PR IMAGE /AAP

Celebrity breast screening: all that glitters is not gold

Celebrities have taken to “live” mammograms on television, undergoing this usually very private procedure in a rather public way. This includes Today show co-host Lisa Wilkinson, and news presenter, Georgie…

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