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Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has come under concerted attack by many sections of the media over his proposed reforms. But what exactly are they? AAP/Lukas Coch

Explainer: Conroy’s proposed new media laws

For the past 12 months we’ve been warned on an almost daily basis that the sky is about to fall in on media freedoms in Australia, but what does the legislation before parliament this week actually propose…
With cabinet appearing to have sat on the proposal for a privacy tort, Stephen Conroy’s move to refer it to the Australian Law Reform Commission may effectively consign it to oblivion. AAP

Reform that wobbles like jelly: A spineless approach to privacy protection

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has indicated the federal government will not be introducing a “privacy tort” in the near future. Instead, it will refer questions about the tort back to the Australian…
Stephen Conroy’s media reform package has led to cries of media censorship - but do even conservative spruikers really believe this? AAP

From ‘hate media’ to another fine mess: How media reform got derailed

Since the day in November 2011 that Justice Ray Finkelstein and University of Canberra Professor Matthew Ricketson held court in Melbourne, the mainstream media has been hostile to any suggestion of media…
Senator Stephen Conroy did not have a mandate for significant change. AAP/Lukas Coch

Low-key Conroy proposals are media reform lite

Yesterday, communications minister Senator Stephen Conroy finally presented the government response to the Convergence Review and Finkelstein review. It is hard to know how many drafts of this long-awaited…

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