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Louise Bourgeois’s. Arched figure 1993: powerful and unforgettable. Art Gallery of New South Wales Foundation Purchase 2016 © The Easton Foundation.

Review: The naked nude from the Tate

The Art Gallery of NSW's summer blockbuster sparkles with famous names, including Picasso, Matisse, Turner and Rodin. But for all of its trumpeting of risk and daring, it remains essentially a rather puritanical exercise.
Photographer Spencer Tunick celebrates the joyful, frivolous and liberating experience of public nudity. Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Friday essay: the naked truth on nudity

While the female nude is valorised in fine art, real women’s nakedness still attracts social punishment. From sexting to concerns over public breastfeeding, ours is an uncomfortable relationship with the fleshy body.
Turning the other cheek: Stephen Gough. David Cheskin/PA Archive

How the end of the ASBO could make naked ramblers of us all

Stephen Gough – widely known as the Naked Rambler – has lost his case at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, which disagreed that his repeated convictions and jail terms violated his rights…
Not so nuts? Dave Thompson/PA

Demise of lads’ mag Nuts is no victory for women

The probable closure of Nuts magazine marks a huge blow to the lads’ mags industry. Following closely behind the closure of rival Front, it is evident that the lad’s mags market has entered a period of…
Shocking? Christian Geisnaes

Nymphomaniac and our obsession with laying it bare

After a series of orgasmic promotional posters Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac hit UK cinemas on Saturday 22nd February. And unsurprisingly, everyone is talking about it. A four hour double feature of explicit…
David Cross portrays Dr Tobias Fünke (right), a fictional character who is also a “never nude” - but never nudes really do exist. Youtube

No more cover-up: bared bodies and never nudes exposed

Sunday’s return of Arrested Development, a much-loved TV series that has been on a seven-year hiatus, is a good opportunity to examine the eccentricities of one of its main characters. Dr Tobias Fünke…

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