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Detained asylum seekers on Manus Island are searching for ways to communicate and be heard beyond the faceless inhumane bureaucracy. AAP/Refugee Action Collective

Manus Island hunger strikes are a call to Australia’s conscience

Reports continue to emanate of escalating hunger strikes among asylum seekers at the Manus Island detention centre in protest at the length of their detention and their conditions. The Australian government…
Asked to describe their situation, many children in detention drew pictures to express their feelings of hopelessness and despair. Author supplied

Eyewitness: With Gillian Triggs on Christmas Island to inspect child detainees

If a visit to Christmas Island sounds like fun, think again. A remote tropical island in the Indian Ocean – billed as a birdwatcher’s paradise and a haven for snorkelling – has a dark side. It is “home…
Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has been the subject of calls to get asylum seeker children out of detention centres and into the community. AAP/Nikki Short

Grattan on Friday: Government must be held to account for what’s happening to children in detention

Two characteristics of this government are that it regularly overreaches and that where possible it shies away from transparency and accountability. Very different issues in the news this week highlight…
Detainees protest in the Woomera centre in 2002: ‘Animals in Australia have more rights than we have!’ one wrote. AAP/Tom Miletic

In Australia, animals have better rights than asylum seekers

Several years ago an asylum seeker wrote a letter about his experiences at the now-decommissioned Woomera Detention Centre. This is an extract: I have been in this cage for 13 months … Why should all these…
Protesters in Brisbane at a rally against the Australian government’s asylum seekers policy on April 12, 2014. AAP/Andrew Stevenson

Why care about the health and well-being of asylum seekers?

A report on the refugee detention centre in Nauru by five independent clinical experts posted online by The Guardian on Friday paints a bleak picture of life on the island, particularly for children. But…
Both major political parties are so intent on ‘stopping the boats’ that they have lost sight of their obligations to protect people. ROSSBACH/KREPP/AAP IMAGE

Harming the health of refugees for the sake of stopping boats

Like many other Australians, I am alarmed by the hardening policy positions on asylum seekers of both major political parties. And today, the Royal Australian College of Physicians (RACP), of which I am…

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