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Sadly, there’s no magic button to stop excessive gambling. Mick Tsikas/AAPimage

Get rich or die trying: when gambling becomes a problem

GAMBLING IN AUSTRALIA – Why do some people develop gambling addictions while others can dabble for years at the pokies or the track without issue? The Productivity Commission’s 2010 report on gambling…
We’d like someone to do something about climate change, but we’d rather it didn’t cost too much. shell belle/Flickr

What Australians really think about climate change

Current discussion in the news media highlights how polarised the issue of climate change has become. However, recent scientific research has shown that most Australians are sure about climate change and…
Ever had that needling feeling other people just don’t get you? Mick Tsikas/AAPimage

I (don’t) feel your pain: does Botox put the brakes on empathy?

The quest for physical beauty holds powerful sway, driving us to spend billions annually on a dizzying array of cosmetic procedures to improve on the hand that nature dealt us. But could it affect our…
By observing how the brain lights up in stressful situations, scientists have found city-dwellers are more sensitive to stress than their country cousins. Flickr

How city living stresses us out

As if any further proof were needed that traffic jams and overcrowding make us anxious, scientists have concluded that city-dwellers…

The impact of coming out

People who come out as lesbian, gay, or bisexual in a supportive environment experience real psychological benefits, according…
US psychiatrist Allen Frances is confusing the issues. Julie70/Flickr

Early intervention for psychosis: not just popping pills

A controversy is brewing on the website Psychology Today and subsequently in The Australian newspaper. At the heart of the issue is US psychiatrist Dr Allen Frances’ comments on the Australian Federal…
SAD is often undiagnosed as a specific form of depression. Jeremy Brooks

Seasonal Affective Disorder: why you feel under the weather

As the days get shorter and we approach winter, many of us have a lowered mood, reduced energy levels and seem to need more sleep. Such seasonal changes in mood and energy are common and most of us adapt…
Feeling cheery? Set up a recycling bin! dunkr/Flickr

Stop worrying about the environment - it isn’t helping

Australians worry about the environment but they do little to protect it. Psychological research offers one possible solution: stop worrying! Feeling happy is in fact the best way to encourage environmentally…
Sometimes it’s not easy to forget the link between meat and animals. Ariel Dovas

The meat paradox: how we can love some animals and eat others

Why do we feel sick at the thought of eating dog, but hungry at the thought of eating pig (bacon) with our eggs? Or how we can feel so outraged about whaling while continuing to enjoy fish and chips? Why…

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