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We’re with the brand: how do we judge authenticity online with so many fakers hiding behind the screen? Image sourced from

Please RT: protecting your brand is no mean tweet amid a flurry of fake accounts

I am the FakeMarkRolfe telling you that all FakeMarkRolfes on Twitter are liars. And so is the real Mark Rolfe @Marcjohnr. I’ve started with a variation of the old liar’s paradox, not to explore logic…
Craig Emerson may be well regarded as Trade Minister, but he can’t sing. AAP/Lukas Coch

Singing, dancing politicians: don’t do it, unless you can

It is a clear and incontrovertible case for the Deparment of Community Services and the public must immediately demand intervention. We cannot allow the suffering of the children to continue. I am of course…
At Home With Julia follows the tradition of poking fun at politicians’ personal lives. ABC Television publicity

Getting personal in At Home With Julia: The tradition of satire

I was waiting for her to say “he touched me in nooks and in unexplored crannies I never knew I had” but it was not to be. For the rest of the episode, however, the lead in At Home With Julia sounded like…

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