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Familiar methods. Banana and condom via bajinda/Shutterstock

How far are the British willing to go in sex education?

Britain is not unique when it comes to debating how it should educate children and young people about sex. But the country approaches the subject with a particularly British sense of embarrassment and…
Tongue tied now, chat later. Kissing by Shutterstock

Teenage banter about sexual infections is not a #fail

A recent TV programme on “the secret life of students” followed a group of students in their first undergraduate year at Leicester University, including 18-year-old Aiden who was informed on screen that…
Strict regulation of children’s sexual knowledge can increase prejudice about differences. Kim Cofino

Storks, cabbage patches, and the birds and the bees – our broken sex education system

In the fields of gender, sexuality, and sexual health research, it’s a no-brainer that sex education should start early, and that sex should be discussed often – both in schools and at home. But instead…

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