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If firms don’t get support, community push-back can lead to expensive and time-consuming consequences. Regulations can change. People take to the streets. Flickr/Kate Ausburn

Not getting a social licence to operate can be a costly mistake, as coal seam gas firms have found

'Social licence to operate' is a term describing how much community support a project or company has. As the Northern Rivers CSG experience shows, failing to get it can have costly impacts for firms.
Horse racing is enjoyed by many people, employs thousands of people but there are some concerns over the welfare of the horses. Shutterstock/Vladimir Hodac

Why horse-racing in Australia needs a social licence to operate

Horse racing is enjoyed by millions of people but there are others who have concerns over animal welfare. A social license to operate may help keep all sides happy.
Protesters rally against coal seam gas in Melbourne, February 2016. AAP Image/Caroline Zielinski

Australian gas: between a fracked rock and a socially hard place

The federal government seems keen to usher in a new boom in onshore gas production. But gas firms will need to tread carefully, as past experience in Queensland's fracking heartland shows.
Social Licences are seen as being earned by mining companies from the communities they operate in. AAP

Can you legislate a social licence to operate?

The concept of a ‘social licence to operate’ (SLO) is not new. It has been used widely in the mining and minerals industry for some 15 years where it has generally described the informal acceptance or…

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