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Much health information emphasizes the role of personal responsibility in maintaining a healthy pregnancy. (Shutterstock)

Women pregnant after a loss need better support

After a miscarriage or stillbirth, pregnancy can involve intense fear and anxiety for many women. More sensitive health information could help.
The death of an unborn baby is a devastating and traumatic event. from

Better care and communication can cut stillbirth rates and avoid unnecessary trauma

The death of a baby, whether born or unborn, is a devastating and traumatic event. More than 2,000 stillbirths occur every year in Australia. But a large number of them can be prevented.
Rates of stillbirth have fallen in rich countries but are now reaching a plateau. flickr/Trevor Blair

Reducing the heartbreak and burden of stillbirth

Stillbirth is a major but under-researched public health problem affecting three million families each year. Following the 2011 Lancet Stillbirth Series, it has been receiving more attention, and a recent…

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