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Crime dramas help stop sexual assault

Television shows that feature people intervening in sexual assault encourage people to do the same. Researchers found that…
Nine CEO David Gyngell has secured a lifeline for the ailing television network. AAP

Debt deal saves Channel Nine — for now

Channel Nine is a station of two tales. The first is the positive story its viewers see: smiling in-house celebrities, reliable newsreaders, and blockbuster programs such as House Husbands, The Voice…
Channel Nine’s depiction of Kerry Packer’s ‘cricket revolution’ during the 1970s has attracted strong ratings and critical acclaim. AAP/Paul Miller

The 1970s cricket ‘revolution’: a beginner’s guide

Over the previous two Sunday evenings the Nine television network broadcast a mini-series titled Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War. It was a dramatisation of a revolutionary time in Australian cricket when media…
Big Brother is back … but will we watch? AAP/Big Brother

‘Be Surprised’ … why Big Brother won’t go away

It’s tempting to wonder whether Channel Nine’s “Be Surprised” slogan, heralding the return of Big Brother, is intentionally ironic. After all, its producers are proudly offering nothing new. Speaking to…
Most of us cringe, but the type of Australia portrayed in the new show, The Shire is very telling. AAP Image/Supplied by Network Ten, Nigel Wright

Botox, McMansions and whitewashing: the glossy neoliberalism of The Shire

The first episode of The Shire ran last night on Channel 10. Described as “dramality” – a combination of drama and reality television – the show purports to show the lives of young people living in Sutherland…
Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella has been criticised for her failure to respond when GetUp director Simon Sheikh collapsed on Q+A. ABC Television

Sophie Mirabella shouldn’t be attacked for failing to emote

By 9AM yesterday I’d been called a Sophie Mirabella apologist. Of all the very many slurs I’ve ever been subjected to, that one came as one hell of a surprise. And I just thought I was defending every…
Downton Abbey is a period indulgence for some, but at its heart it is a story of property law. AAP/Seven Network

Downton Abbey: melodrama, frocks and … property law?

Dim the lights, don the snuggie and pass the chocolate; Downton Abbey is back. Amid all the mooning over Matthew and Mary, viewers may not have noticed that Downton Abbey is actually about property law…

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