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University of Cape Town scientists work in the Drug Discovery and Development Centre. More needs to be done to keep Africa’s scientists on home ground. Epa/Nic Bothma

Closing the research gap between Africa and the rest of the world

If the continent is to grasp the science and technology revolution, then governments should take the lead in both policy formulation and implementation.
Nineteen people were killed and up to 40 wounded in the three-hour siege. EPA/Mohamed Messara

Tunisia terror attack tests fledgling democracy

Four rocky years after the Arab Spring, Tunisia is on the road to real stability. The stakes could scarcely be higher.
Tunisia has its dangers, but it should be safe from financial collapse. archer10

How banks can help the move from dictatorship to democracy

Tunisia has been hailed as a lone success story among the Arab Spring nations. A relatively peaceful transition with a recent agreement on a new constitution has enabled the country to avoid the bloodshed…

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