Governments failed to help jobless ethnic minorities

New figures from the 2011 Census show successive Government policies have had little impact on the high levels of joblessness among some ethnic minority groups.

White ethnic groups – with the exception of the Gypsy or Irish Traveller group – are significantly advantaged in the labour market when compared with other ethnic groups.

Only Indian men and Black Caribbean women had similar rates of participation in the labour market to the White ethnic groups.

And, of those in the labour force, Pakistani men had unemployment rates that were one and a half times the figure for White British men and Black Caribbean men an unemployment rate that was almost three times as high.

Pakistani women were more than three times as likely to be unemployed than White British women, and Black Caribbean women were more than twice as likely.

But it was the Gypsy or Irish Traveller group who were the most disadvantaged: a huge 16% of men and 19% of women were unemployed: both five times the equivalent White British rate.

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