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The numbers of people travelling by air continue to grow. What are the ways to make it less unsustainable? Suhyeon Choi/unsplash

Sustainable shopping: is it possible to fly sustainably?

There's really no such thing as truly sustainable air travel, but you can do some things to reduce your impact - such as flying with airlines with newer aircraft or taking a virtual holiday.
The scene of the fatal crash at Essendon Airport, where authorities allowed extensive development between the runways and surrounding housing. Joe Castro/AAP

Airport privatisations have put profit before public safety and good planning

Airport operators enjoy the privileged position in Australian planning law of being able to decide their own futures. Their exemption from state planning rules threatens orderly planning and safety.
Lower prices make for more congestion, and passengers aren’t happy. Daniel Lobo/Flickr

The rise of the whiny air passenger

Everyone loves to complain about airline travel, leading to what the airline industry has called the "entitled passenger".

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