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The endorsement of a common national definition of bullying is a welcome start - but the responsible statutory agencies will need substantial resoources. Image sourced from

National bullying definition is a welcome start - now let’s act

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Education and Employment’s inquiry into workplace bullying has delivered some important recommendations which should now be enacted. The endorsement of…
Following the suicide of their 19-year old daughter Brodie Panlock after workplace bullying, parents Rae and Damien Panlock have campaigned national protection laws. AAP

Can we fix the damage caused by workplace bullying?

For more than a decade I have been researching aspects of workplace bullying – that widespread and scurrilous set of activities where those in power (about 75% of perpetrators are managers and supervisors…
Bullying has been around since ancient times. Wikipedia/Otto Van Veen

Bullies beware: you’re now stalkers under Victorian law

Recent changes to the Victorian Crimes Act now mean that repeated acts of bullying are now classified in Victoria under the criminal offence of stalking. In theory, if not in practice, bullying – either…

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