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Mentally ill Australians have a life expectancy 25 years lower than the rest of the population. AAP

Mental illness is no excuse for turning a blind eye to smoking

Almost half of all cigarettes smoked in Australia, the US and the UK are smoked by people with a mental illness. It’s a startling statistic and it paints a grim picture for the physical health of the one…
Type 1 diabetics often rely on insulin injection pens but early trials show a nasal spray could prevent diabetes developing. Flickr

Nasal spray vaccine may stop diabetes, early tests show

A nasal spray vaccine may prevent type 1 diabetes from developing in humans, early trial results show. Type 1 diabetics usually…
Even modest weight loss can reduce your risk of developing diabetes. Anya Quinn

Preventing diabetes with the right diet

We’ve come a long way in our understanding of diabetes over the past few decades. Rather than cutting down on sugar, the prevention and management of diabetes hinges on weight control and a balanced diet…

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