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What do they know about you? MyDex CIC

The government scheme that’s after your data

A little known UK government initiative is underway to release vast amounts of personal data from companies to citizens with the laudable aim of handing power to the consumer. The midata initiative aims…
A ‘badly worded sentence or two’ put shadow communications minister Malcolm Turnbull on the back foot yesterday. AAP/Dan Himbrechts

Opt-out, opt-in: the internet filter hokey pokey

As of last night both major Australian political parties can claim to have at one time backed and then rejected internet filters. Is this an epic win for netizens? Yes, for the battle against censorship…
Digital health is a daunting task. juhansonin

Patient privacy will not be lost in a digital NHS

The government has announced an extra £1 billion is being channelled into efforts to make the NHS “paperless” by 2018. Central to this aim are plans to make patient health records digital. The goal is…
The ‘impossible’ is no longer: a hacked Google Glass is able to recognise faces and fetch personal details.

Smile! Face recognition for Google Glass is here, thanks to hackers

You’re probably already familiar with face recognition technology through security surveillance or Facebook photo tagging, but the next person you see wearing Google Glass may well be using it too - despite…
Should search engines like Google be forced to suppress potentially damaging information and ‘forget’ who you are? shutterstock

Forget me not: do we have a right to vanish online?

Do you have a right to be “forgotten” by Google searches and other internet search engines? That question is being considered in Europe currently, where the European Court of Justice has received advice…
Were you one of the 50 million people affected by the LivingSocial data breach? El Ojo Inoportuno - fotografía Lo-Fi

Once more into the data breach: the LivingSocial hack and you

Oh look, everyone … another data breach! LivingSocial, an international social service network with a presence in Australia, acknowledged last week it had been hacked, with exposure of information about…
The new virtual postman: Australia Post is about to launch its Digital MailBox.

Australia Post’s digital delivery scheme may yield few returns to spender

Australia Post have every reason to be pleased with their role in the online shopping revolution. They are central to the process by providing a means of converting the virtual into the real, by delivering…
Facebook is no slouch at putting names to faces. christoph_aigner

Facebook tagging and face recognition should be restricted

It may be time to move beyond Facebook’s assurance of its trustworthiness and specifically restrict the company’s use of face recognition. Changes within Facebook Europe would seem to suggest so. For gullible…
Proposals to extend our national security agencies’ surveillance powers over our electronic communications has caused much controversy. Ludovic Bertron

Watching the detectives: the case for restricting access to your social media data

In the “age of the social graph”, it is possible to profile people by tracking their relationships with friends and associates rather than by looking at the content of their communications. Debate about…
Thanks to digital medium such as email and Facebook, privacy is being eroded in the workplace - yet Australians appear to show a worrying lack of concern about this. Flickr/Nathan O'Nions

The end of privacy in the digital workplace

The development of digital monitoring and surveillance has increased dramatically over the past decade and pervades all aspects of everyday life, to the extent that most people don’t even notice it. In…

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