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Fishing has been banned in Gladstone while authorities try to determine what’s killing marine species. robstephaustralia

Is dredging killing the Gladstone fish and making us sick?

Several individuals have required medical attention after a mystery disease appeared to spread to humans from fish in waters near Gladstone, Queensland. Fishing bans are currently in place and local residents…

Human sewage killing corals

The source of the coral-killing pathogen that causes white pox disease in Caribbean elkhorn coral has been identified Human…
Scientists and doctors are concerned by growing resistance to existing drugs that treat malaria, which is spread by mosquitoes and kills more than 800,000 children per year. Thomas Omondi / UK Department for International Development

Malaria breakthrough shines light on drug resistance

Malaria parasites are able to adapt their growth rate to render anti-malarial drugs useless, according to new research by…

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