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Miliband faced attacks from the left during the debate. ITV

Sturgeon’s debate success makes life hard for Miliband

Nicola Sturgeon is seen to have done well in the debate between the Magnificent Seven leaders that was screened live to the nation on April 2. That poses a problem for Ed Miliband. His party is now at…
Miliband appealed to spooked businesses with a warning about the EU. Chris Radburn/PA

How credible is Ed Miliband’s Europe gambit?

Opening his campaign, Miliband warned an EU referendum would be bad for business. But not holding one could have serious consequences too.
The Labour leader defied expectations with a little sass. Stefan Rousseau/PA

Debate success for Miliband? Yes, but not quite hell yes

Given that his personal ratings have been so low, and behind those of the Labour party in general, the only way was up for Ed Miliband in his first major TV appearance of the election campaign. The Conservatives…

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