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In Africa, communication technologies have been used in education since the late 1960s. Ymagoo/Fondation Orange

How digital technology can help reinvent basic education in Africa

Information and communication technologies (ICT) offer new opportunities for improving basic education in Africa.
Merely consuming digital content doesn’t do much for kids. But digital tools can introduce them to new ways of creating. Shutterstock

Why ‘binge watching’ is to blame for kids not learning

Teenagers spend more time consuming media than they do sleeping. Most of this consumption is passive - a habit that's creeping into classrooms, too.
Is this the university experience students will be paying a premium for? Flickr/Vin Crosbie

Higher ed changes will lead to higher fees, more online delivery

It’s a brave new world for higher education in Australia. We will soon have an open market and an overall reduction in government expenditure per student. This means universities will need to find alternate…

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