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Xbox One’s new controller. Tony Rice

More than a console: Xbox One is not just for gaming

After many months of rumours, speculation and discussion on the next offering of Microsoft’s gaming console, details of the new Xbox have finally been revealed. Christened Xbox One, it is to be their third…
Is online gaming the next billion-dollar industry? The state of New Jersey is betting on it.

Casinos are big winners as US states make a play for the online market

In the recent Hollywood science-fiction epic, Cloud Atlas, based on David Mitchell’s sprawling novel, the capitalist dystopia of Neo Seoul in 2144 is depicted as part of a world state called Unanimity…
Sony CEO Andrew House launching the PlayStation 4 last month - will it change the face of gaming? EPA/Peter Foley

PlayStation 4: the platform’s more important than the power

Sony fired its salvo in the next-generation console wars with last month’s announcement of the PlayStation 4, set to be released later this year. But the hardware specifications of the new console – placed…
The fact a pleasurable behaviour is done to excess does not necessarily mean it’s an addiction. PhotoCatcher

Videogame addiction – fact or fantasy?

I am a Warcraft widow, an affectionate term given to those who have “lost” a partner to World of Warcraft (WoW) as a result of excessive game-playing. I have first-hand experience of the way games such…
People have always sent each other letters, but now they can be worth “triple words”. Brandice Schnabel

Words With Friends, Draw Something … are you addicted to social gaming?

They are everywhere: people in cafés or supermarket queues, staring at their smartphones with determined concentration, occasionally shuffling yellow tiles of letters to use all of them in a killer move…

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