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The legal landscape around rights and responsibilities for home births is growing increasingly complex. Flickr: Thomas

Risks versus rights in home birthing: a legal view

The ongoing and sometimes emotive debate about risks and rewards of giving birth in hospital or at home is nothing new. What is new is the attention being given to the legal rights and responsibilities…
The study revealed that low-risk women who gave birth at home had a much higher rate of vaginal birth than the national average.

Study of low risk women reveals good news on the home birth front

Women who give birth at home as part of a publicly funded home birth program have an overall low risk of problems such as…
The perceived dangers of home birth are overstated. krzyboy2o

Home birth is a viable and safe option for most women

In response to a recent South Australian coroner’s finding that three babies died from preventable causes, Health Minister Tanya Plibersek has said she will close a loophole in national health laws that…
Home birth isn’t going away – and time is running out to solve the insurance dilemma. Flickr/hubeRsen

Pushing home birth underground raises safety concerns

Women have the right to determine what happens to their bodies; and this includes where and how they give birth. But from July 2013, private midwives may not be able to legally provide their services to…
The frequently cited Netherlands study doesn’t show it’s safe to give birth at home in Australia. Assy

Thinking about giving birth at home? Look at the evidence on safety

We’re fortunate to live in a society where robust evidence forms the basis of the information health-care professionals provide to patients – and home birth should be no exception. But the evidence about…

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