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Huawei’s technology HQ in Shenzen. Brücke-Osteuropa

Keeping tabs on Huawei raises awkward questions for everyone

In its often fractious dealings with western governments, Chinese tech giant Huawei has been repeatedly accused of being a proxy for government espionage and other practices unbecoming of a global corporation…
Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei is in the spotlight again. jontintinjordan/Flickr

Australia’s biggest ‘China threat’ is not Huawei, but itself

In a move that has drawn criticism from Chinese authorities, the Abbott government is upholding a ban on Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei from tendering for the National Broadband Network, after…
Huawei board member John Brumby at Australia-China Business Week in August. Huawei

Government ban on Chinese tech giant gets US support

The decision by the Australian government to ban Chinese technology giant Huawei from participating in tenders for the national…
Over the space of 25 years, Huawei has shaken off its humble beginnings and transformed into a global telecommunications juggernaut. Konrad Andrews

History is the key to understanding Huawei

Up until last week, many Australians were probably unaware of Chinese telcommunications company Huawei. But the decision by the federal government to ban Huawei from any involvement in the National Broadband…
Huawei has trumpeted its private-sector credentials, but it is a critical supplier of technology to the People’s Liberation Army and has strong links to the CCP. AAP

Huawei and the NBN: beware the long arm of the CCP

In response to the Australian government’s decision to prevent Huawei from tendering for National Broadband Network projects, Huawei Australia went on the offensive. Former foreign minister and current…
Chinese telco giant Huawei’s preclusion from tendering for the NBN will have far-reaching implications for investment by Chinese-controlled companies in Australia. AAP

Coldplay: No paradise in Australia for Huawei

It will no doubt be surprising to the former Liberal Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, and former Victorian Labor Premier, John Brumby, that they sit on the board of a corporate entity apparently judged…

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