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Could DNA-based prevention efforts spell trouble for illegal loggers? jimmedia

DNA based methods leave illegal loggers with no place to hide

Illegal logging is a major contributor to tropical deforestation and forest degradation. Australia is currently considering legislation to prevent the importation of illegally logged wood. But if the legislation…
Through fraudulent permits and similar tactics, organized crime profits significantly from illegal logging. jcoterhals

Organised crime, illegal timber and Australia’s role in deforestation

Illegal logging is booming, as criminal organisations tighten their grip on this profitable global industry. Hence, it comes just in the nick of time that Australia, after years of debate, is on the verge…
The proposed logging bill would tighten exportation from Indonesia in particular. CIFOR

Australia attempts to stump illegal loggers

The Australian Senate is about to take on the task of stopping illegal logging, with legislation banning the importation and sale of timber products containing illegally logged timber being considered…

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