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So much for green shoots. Lynne Cameron/PA

Should we really be boasting about the British jobs market?

The UK labour market has done much better than expected since the start of the recession. Although we are suffering the worst recovery for over a century – national income has shrunk by almost 3% since…
Labor’s jobs package provides its future direction for industry for the first time; but can it deliver, and more importantly, will it survive political opposition? AAP

Planning for a blue-collar Australia: will Labor’s job package deliver?

Labor has finally delivered the detail of its much-awaited vision for shaping Australian industry beyond the mining boom. But will it deliver? In a two part series, UWA Professor Tim Mazzarol examines…
How much should CEOs get paid? Job evaluation systems may provide an answer. AAP

What is work worth? Taking a systematic approach to remuneration

Are CEOs worth their massive remuneration packages, or is there too much cash in the corner office? Executive pay has been in the spotlight in recent weeks amid a lacklustre reporting season for some of…
Students walk through the grounds at the Australian National University. AAP/Alan Porritt

ANU prepares to slash up to 150 jobs

The Australian National University is preparing to cut up to 150 staff as it looks for ways to save $40 million, and protect…

What’s in a name? Everything

People with a name that is easy to pronounce are more likely to be offered promotions and rise through the professional and…

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