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Genetic techniques can help make pollen useful for cracking criminal cases. Karen L. Bell

Pollen genetics can help with forensic investigations

Pollen is all around us, is extremely durable and can provide clues about where someone's been. A new genetic technique will make it easier to use pollen evidence in criminal investigations.
Flesh-flies frequently give birth to maggots on corpses of human and other animals. sankax

Forensic entomology: the time of death is everything

FORENSICS AUSTRALIA – Insects are everywhere. Their ubiquitous nature, and the fact they represent the largest biomass of animals on the earth, means there are hardly any terrestrial niches – except when…
What’s in you and on you says a lot about you … and a lot about where you’ve been.

Within you without you: the world of microbial forensics

FORENSICS AUSTRALIA – Thanks to television crime shows and crime novels many people are now familiar with the use of DNA as forensic evidence in criminal cases. In these scenarios, DNA profiles are based…

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