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Have you seen a mermaid? Shutterstock

Curious Kids: Are mermaids real?

Even if mermaids aren't real, they'll likely feature in human stories for many years to come. Very few mythical creatures are found in so many diverse cultures, across so many years without changing.
“The Shape of Water” film is a beautiful allegory about accepting differences. James Jean

The Shape of Water leads Oscar nominations

The Shape of Water is an entertaining movie, but it also has a timely, allegorical message about the challenges we may face with new scientific discoveries, and our willingness to accept difference.
Frankenstein’s monster meets his maker – again – in I, Frankenstein. Getty Images

Here be more movie monsters: Frankenstein, Godzilla, whatevs …

Just when you thought that pile of death-dealing demons heaped up in the bargain bin at your local Kmart couldn’t get any higher … 2014 is turning out to be yet another year of monsters at the movies…

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