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David Cameron’s government has got their new nuclear power stations - but at what cost? Tim Ireland/PA

New nuclear is a lose-lose situation for Britain

The first new nuclear power station in Britain in nearly 20 years is to be built, an announcement that comes only two and a half years after the disaster at Fukushima focused the world’s attention the…
It’s too late for this ship, but practical strategies for tackling climate change are needed fast. Staecker

Give us practical climate solutions, not more problems

Scientists have hammered home once again the message that climate change is very real and very important. Climate scientists have been saying this for decades, yet carbon emissions worldwide continue to…
The ground beneath our feet is full of riches. How do we make the most of them? Flickr/ginger_ninja

Election 2013 Issues: The ground beneath our feet

Welcome to the **The Conversation Election 2013 State of the Nation* essays. These articles by leading experts in their field provide an in-depth look at the key policy challenges affecting Australia as…

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