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What stops children from wanting to go to school? AAP

Pushed out or pulled out? Why kids don’t want to go to school

Prime minister Tony Abbott has set a new goal of closing the gap for Indigenous school attendance within five years, saying a failure to properly educate children is “one of the worst forms of neglect…
History in schools is not engaging our students. History class image from

Stop tinkering with school history, and start teaching it

In 2008, historian Dr. Anna Clark conducted a survey of the state of history education in Australian classrooms. The book that resulted from this study — History’s Children — presented a bleak image of…
Many young teachers, even the good ones, are leaving the profession. Struggle image from

Why good teachers leave teaching

As another school year comes to a close, there are some early career teachers quietly packing up their desks and walking out the school doors with no plan to return next year. Some estimate the attrition…
The latest report into Australian education shows some positives and some negatives. School image from

COAG education reports show early childhood and Year 12 are key

Educational outcomes in Australia are showing signs of improvement, particularly in the early years and in Year 12 attainment…

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