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Exposure to even a single fibre of asbestos dust can cause significant health problems. Image from

Health harms of asbestos won’t be known for decades

The digital age crashed into the bronze age when the roll out of Australia’s high-speed broadband network was disrupted by the discovery of asbestos in Telstra pits in recent weeks. Workplace relations…
Yesterday, the Coalition launched its blueprint for the national broadband network, which will have lower access speeds but will be cheaper to build. But is it good policy? AAP

The Coalition’s NBN policy is a triumph of short-termism over long-term vision

“The superfast broadband of the order of 100+ megabits per second (Mbps) and into the gigaspeed bracket is de rigueur for any nation purporting to be a developed and advancing economy.” – Phil Ruthven…
The Whitehaven Coal hoax showed changes to continuous disclosure guidelines to address the role of social media and trading halts are needed, but the guidelines are not without their problems. AAP

Continuous disclosure: social media and the two sides to trading halts

In a fragile world and with a particularly fragile share market, Australia’s corporate regulators have seen their role in policing the area of continuous disclosure multiply. Disclosure requirements are…
Optus has exhausted its legal avenues to appeal against a decision finding it breached copyright on its TV Now service. But should the issue of technology neutrality be reviewed? Flickr/IntelFreePress

Optus and TV Now: will copyright law catch up to the cloud?

A legal decision which forced Optus to shut down its time shifting service TV Now may eventually lead to reform of existing copyright law to cater for cloud technology. On Friday, the High Court denied…
Will ACMA’s new code of practice be enough to give Australian telcos a wake-up call? sachman75

Verizon Wireless vs Telstra: the great mobile rip-off continues

Does the recent announcement by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) of a new code of practice to prevent bill shock for “long-suffering telco customers”, and improve product marketing…
Information gleaned from data mining is a prized delicacy in certain circles. Philippe Put

Why is Telstra Next G serving your data to Netsweeper in America?

Telstra representatives have this week admitted to collecting data for a new internet filtering product and sending this data to the USA office of Netsweeper Inc. Netsweeper Inc, based near Toronto, Canada…
How can consumers get what they want on an NBN-enabled Australia without getting wires crossed? NBNCO

The NBN, service providers and you … what could go wrong?

Unless you’ve been boycotting all forms of media in the past five years, you’ll be aware that the National Broadband Network (NBN) is well and truly on its way. For some of us the NBN is already here…
After success in Europe and the US, subscription-based music streaming service, Spotify is launching in Australia. Could it be a musical saviour? Flickr/capsun

Spotify: saviour of the music industry?

International music provider Spotify is preparing for its launch into the Australian market later this year. As a subscription-based streaming service, the success of the Stockholm-based Spotify across…
Broadcast rights have turned two giant telcos into sporting rivals. Judy **

Optus and Telstra do the techno-legal time warp

Telecommunications giant Optus managed to convince the Federal Court in Sydney this week that there’s a legal blindspot in relation to its download pay-per-view service. Telstra – given its business relationship…
Telstra left the door open to its customers’ information. topcat_angel

Telstra BigPond failure exposes more than just customer details

At approximately 1pm on Friday, a customer of Telstra BigPond – Australia’s largest internet service provider – posted on a forum that: “If you do a Google search for that number [the number for Telstra’s…
Telstra chief executive David Thodey at Telstra’s annual general meeting where shareholders voted for an $11 billion NBN deal. AAP

Telstra agrees to NBN deal, but ACCC hovers

Telstra shareholders have agreed to an $11 billion deal today that will hand over the telco’s fixed line network to NBN Co. Under the deal, Telstra will decommission its copper line network as customers…

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