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Barack Obama’s handling of the economy will be closely scrutinised in the US presidential election campaign next year. AFP/Mandel Ngan

It’s the economy, stupid: The US Presidential elections in 2012

President Barack Obama’s handling of the US economy has come under close scrutiny following the publication of Confidence Men by Ron Suskind - which charts his struggle to contain the Wall Street crash…
World Bank chief Robert Zoellick and IMF head Christine Lagarde have doubts about global growth. AAP

Spooking the markets: should financial leaders keep quiet during crises?

Global markets have tumbled again this week, following the downgrading of Italy’s debt rating and a series of negative comments from leaders of the world’s financial institutions. International Monetary…
In announcing his $US447 billion stimulus, Obama has his eyes firmly on the US election in 2012.

Obama throws down electoral gauntlet with economic plan

Barack Obama has laid out a US$447 billion (A$421 billion) plan to cut payroll taxes and boost government spending to create jobs, in a bid to “jolt” the stalled US economy back to life. Obama told a joint…
Stock markets around the world plummeted after news of the US credit rating downgrade (EPA/FRANK RUMPENHORST)

Debt dive: why is the US at the mercy of anonymous credit agencies?

Without the firing of a single shot in anger, a country has been, at least in a sense, brought to its economic knees. The capitalist system, with variations and aberrations, is now reacting. Shares are…
Barack Obama led a cheery cabinet after avoiding a US default - but was the deal too late?

Hold on: we’re in a for a hell of a ride

“Most importantly it will allow us to avoid default and end the crisis that Washington imposed on the rest of America. And it will allow us to lift the cloud of doubt and uncertainty.” President Barack…
The US debt deal: hold onto your hats, it’s going to be a hell of a ride. AAP

Of debt and US dollars: when bad money chases out good

“A catastrophe on multiple levels.” That’s how New York Times columnist Paul Krugman characterised the US debt deal brokered this week between Democrats and Republicans. President Obama on Tuesday signed…
Barack Obama announces an agreement has been reached to resolve the US debt crisis. AAP

US debt deal: experts respond

US President Barack Obama says Democrat and Republican leaders have reached an agreement on reducing US debt, before the August 2 debt ceiling deadline. Failure to reach a deal may have led to a historic…
Minnesota’s three-week shutdown saw basic government services stripped back. Flickr/mngop

Minnesota shutdown broadens the blue-red chasm in US politics

Minnesotans have breathed a sigh of relief after the state’s Republican-led legislature signed off on a budget deal negotiated with Democratic Governor Mark Dayton, ending a three-week state government…
Intense US debt ceiling negotiations in a political war of nerve; but no resolution yet. AAP

No hard ceilings? The dance around US debt intensifies

International ratings agencies Moody’s and Standard & Poors have both indicated they would consider downgrading the US’s debt rating as negotiations aimed at raising the country’s statutory US$12.3…
US House Speaker John Boehner wants government programs cut: but is austerity politics the answer? AAP

US austerity politics playing on default fears mask a looming problem

For some time, it appeared that the severity of the global financial crisis had created a compelling “learning moment” that promised to return the world to a more civilised form of capitalism. Insufficient…
Weak labour data sent a signal to investors that US share markets might be overvalued. AAP

Accounting for Wall Street’s week of carnage

Share markets in the US and around the world are expected to fall again this week following sharp declines on Wall Street last week. The Dow Jones industrial average closed on Friday down 2.3% for the…

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