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Poor countries may be less able to cope with extreme weather events, leading to food shortages and conflict. Flickr/United Nations Photo

Study links climate change to conflict

Global climate change and the El Niño weather event may have played a role in 21% of all civil conflicts since 1950, according…
The part of the brain that regulates fear normalises 18 months after a soldier returns home, a study found. The U.S. Army

How coming home changes a soldier’s brain

Soldiers returning from combat have heightened activity in the part of the brain that regulates fear but this usually normalises…
A rebel fighter mans a makeshift checkpoint in Tripoli. AAP

Libya: a win for NATO

Despite confusion in recent hours about exactly who the Libyan rebels have captured, it is clear that the Gaddafi regime has been severely weakened by the weekend advance into central Tripoli. This advance…
Australian veterans of the Pacific theatre in WWII attend a VJ Day memorial. AAP

The war in the Pacific: fighting the good fight, or something else

Sometimes an historian will challenge one of the key ideological myths of Australian capitalism. Henry Reynolds does it in his work on the colonial treatment of Aborigines, a treatment some go so far as…
Explosions over Libya. AAP

The Libya stalemate: can it be broken?

After five months of conflict in Libya, the Gaddafi regime remains in power in Tripoli despite the rebel campaign and NATO airstrikes. Recent days have seen serious developments in the country. Muammar…

Refugees from war at higher risk of PTSD

Research on people from Sri Lanka displaced from their homes by the 1983 - 2009 conflict on the Indian Ocean island shows…

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