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Parental role-modelling, encouragement and seeking support from the school can help make the awkward bits of making friends as a teen easier.

Adolescence can be awkward. Here’s how parents can help their child make and maintain good friendships

Navigating friendships as a teen can be hard. Parents can help by modelling good behaviour and making sure their teen feels they can talk to them about their friendships.
In today’s apology, survivors of institutional child sexual abuse will receive formal acknowledgment of the systems that failed them and the harm done to them. Shutterstock

The national apology to victims of institutional child sexual abuse matters. Here’s why

Today's apology is of great significance, not just to survivors but the whole country. Now political and institutional leaders need to tell us what changes will be made to ensure it never happens again.
Most people never have the chance to see how animals live in laboratories. from

Is it time for Australia to be more open about research involving animals?

Since 2012, more than 120 of Britain’s universities, research institutions and pharmaceutical companies have signed a public pledge committing them to greater openness in their animal research programs.

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