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Efforts to improve Indigenous students’ academic results aren’t working. AAP

Indigenous education results show need for needs-based funding

Results from the latest Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) show that the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students has remained the same for the last decade. PISA 2012: How Australia…
Australian results from international tests in maths, science and reading are on the decline. Class image from

New PISA results show education decline – it’s time to stop the slide

New international test results in reading, science and maths show that Australian education is going backwards – a declining trend that has been going on for the past decade. The 2012 Program for International…
Around 20% of people are maths anxious. To decrease this figure, we need to bust some stereotypes. Tom Lin :3=

To overcome fear of maths, let’s confront the myths

We all know someone who gets the jitters when they have to make a speech, or breaks out in a cold sweat at the mere thought of being in an enclosed space. That person might even be you. But do you know…
The traditional grading system is now obsolete. ABCDE image from

Testing times: making the case for new school assessment

When we were growing up, my father occasionally stood each of us against the back door and marked our height on the door in pencil. He wrote our initials and the date alongside each mark. For us, it was…
The PM has zoned in on education policy this election year, but maybe education needs less political attention, not more. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

The election crusade? Schools will come second to politics in 2013

Today, as part of an Australian Education Union (AEU) campaign, academics, business and political leaders have signed a letter urging state and federal governments to move on the Gonski reforms to school…
It’s time we looked at the idea of for-profit education in Australia. EPA/Guillaume Horcajuleo

Do we want for-profit schools in Australia?

For-profit education is something that really doesn’t exist in Australia… yet. But in many other countries around the world it has become a normal part of education and there are now many companies providing…
The latest results of international testing in maths, science and reading means Australia’s education outlook does not look good. Test image from

Latest tests show PM’s 2025 education goal is in doubt

Prime Minister Julia Gillard in September set an ambitious goal for Australian education: to be ranked as a top-five country in reading, mathematics and science by 2025. Clearly she is hoping to lift Australia…


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