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The travelling stock routes are a precious national resource.

Review of historic stock routes may put rare stretches of native plants and animals at risk

Australia's iconic stock routes are now public land, used for everything from conservation to recreation. A government review may change that.
The imposition of steep duties on imported solar panel components could jeopardize thousands of jobs in the industry. Reuters/Mike Blake

How Trump could undermine the US solar boom

A trade spat could jack up the cost of going solar, killing jobs and obstructing efforts to do something about climate change.
Pumped hydro: all you really need is some reservoirs and a big hill. AAP Image/Lukas Coch

Want energy storage? Here are 22,000 sites for pumped hydro across Australia

Electricity storage is vital to the stability of a renewable energy grid. The world's favourite form of storage is pumped hydro – and researchers have located thousands of candidate sites.
Panel surya mengalahkan batu bara sebagai sumber pembangkit energi listrik terpopuler sedunia tahun lau. AAP Image/Lukas Koch

Tenaga surya kini sumber listrik terpopuler di dunia

Panel surya dan energi angin telah melampaui batubara sebagai sumber utama pembangkit listrik baru di dunia. Turunnya harga dan teknologi penyimpanan baru membuat energi bersih semakin dapat dicapai.
Detail from Fred Williams You Yang Pond 1963. oil on composition board Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide Gift of Godfrey Phillips International Pty Ltd 1968 © Estate of Fred Williams

Fred Williams in the You Yangs: a turning point for Australian art

A new exhibition features more than 50 works by Fred Williams, centred on the You Yangs peaks, west of Melbourne. They illuminate a breakthrough moment in Australian art.
The Liddell power station in the Hunter Valley near Newcastle. AAP Image/Dean Sewell/Greenpeace

The true cost of keeping the Liddell power plant open

Government payments to keep Australia's oldest coal plant running amounts to a carbon subsidy. It's worth looking at the financial – and carbon – cost.
Louis XVI donnant ses instructions finales au Comte de La Pérouse en 1785, avant qu'il embarque pour sa mission fatale dans l'hémisphère sud. State Library of NSW

Expédition La Pérouse : qu’est-il arrivé aux survivants ?

En 1826, on découvrit des objets venus d’Europe à Tikopia, dans les îles Salomon : venaient-ils de l’Astrolabe et de la Boussole, les navires disparus de La Pérouse ?
Louis XVI giving final instructions to the Comte de La Perouse in 1785, before La Perouse embarked on his fateful expedition to the Southern Hemisphere. State Library of NSW

The mystery of the La Pérouse expedition survivors: wrecked in Torres Strait?

The French La Pérouse expedition left Botany Bay in 1788, and then vanished, rumoured to be wrecked in the Solomon Islands. But an Indian newspaper article might reveal the fate of its survivors.

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