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Installation view of Del Kathryn Barton: The Highway is a Disco at the Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia, 17 November 2017 – 12 March 2018. Photo: Tom Ross © Tom Ross

Del Kathryn Barton explores powerful female sexuality but reproduces the male gaze

The paintings in Del Kathryn Barton's new show at NGV Australia are visually stunning and painstakingly executed. But the women depicted are often de-personalised objects or headless cauldrons of destructive passion.
Australia’s Trade Minister Steven Ciobo speaking after a meeting for the Trans Pacific Partnership in Vietnam. AAP

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is back: experts respond

Many provisions in the Trans-Pacific Partnership have been suspended after the United States pulled out. But there's still much to debate about the regional free trade agreement.
Protecting the patents of expensive medicines for longer would affect low-income countries. Jason Reed/ReutersPics

Time for costly medicine monopolies to go from TPP trade talks

Negotiators from 11 countries have been racing to resurrect the near-dead Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement before the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit this weekend.
Spesies baru ini memiliki kepala yang lebih kecil, dan warna “cokelat muda”‘ yang jelas beda dibandingkan dengan spesies orang utan lainnya. Maxime Aliaga

Bagaimana kami menemukan spesies orang utan baru di Tapanuli

Orang utan Batang Toru memiliki campuran fitur yang aneh. Pejantan dewasa memiliki bantalan pipi yang menyerupai orang utan Borneo, tapi perawakannya mirip orang utan Sumatra.
Tokoh utama pria “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta” (2002) Rangga, diperankan oleh aktor Nicholas Saputra, adalah proto-laki-laki baru. Miles Films

Dari Rangga ke Khudori, ‘laki-laki baru’ di film Indonesia

Memasuki milenium ketiga, dunia perfilman Indonesia mulai memperkenalkan gagasan maskulinitas laki-laki baru. Dari Rangga hingga Khudori, mereka laki-laki yang menantang konsep Bapakisme Orde Baru.
A scene from Bangarra Dance Theatre’s 2014 work Patyegarang. An Eora woman, Patyegarang became the main informant for William Dawes, the first European to sympathetically chronicle the language and culture of the Sydney landowners. Jess Bialek/AAP

Indigenous lives, the ‘cult of forgetfulness’ and the Australian Dictionary of Biography

Just 210 of nearly 13,000 biographical entries in the Australian Dictionary of Biography are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women. A new project aims to change this.
By the age of 16, most teenagers have already made up their mind about climate change. from

Why we’re building a climate change game for 12-year-olds

Players in the climate science game 'CO2peration' become a particle of sunlight, and travel on a journey to find out why we have liquid water at Earth’s surface.

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