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ANU was established, in 1946, to advance the cause of learning and research for the nation. It is consistently ranked among the world’s best universities and many ANU graduates go on to become leaders in government, industry, research and academia.


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Exposure to UV through fluorescent lighting may increase related eye diseases by up to 12%. titan3025/Flickr

Blinding light: energy-efficient fluorescent lighting may cause eye disease

One way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to phase out incandescent lighting in favour of more energy-efficient lighting. But such a move could see an increase in the number of people suffering from…
Consumers need more useful information about assessing the freshness and safety of food products.

Has the use-by date gone past its prime?

Picture this: you arrive home from work feeling a bit peckish. Sliced mango and a dollop of yoghurt should ease the cravings until dinner, you think. You open the fridge door and, horror, no yoghurt. Not…
Growing a moustache isn’t simply about the style. It could help you win friends and influence people abroad. AFP/Wildbird

Going beyond Movember: Facial hair and foreign affairs

You may notice more than a few of your friends and colleagues are a little more hirsute than normal this month. The annual charity event Movember encourages men to grow moustaches to raise money and awareness…
Imperfection doesn’t stop scientists from seeking answers. Cea

Science is imperfect – you can be certain of that

THE STATE OF SCIENCE: Former Chief Scientist for Australia Professor Penny Sackett explores how we deal with uncertainty in science. Listen to the podcast below for more. Professor Penny Sackett – Uncertainty…
Science comes in all different colours, and someone needs to explain what they are. alphadesigner

Express yourself, scientists – speaking plainly isn’t beneath you

THE STATE OF SCIENCE: Should scientists communicate with the general public? Dr Danny Kingsley makes a case for speaking out. Scientific articles don’t often feature on beside tables or as bathroom reading…
Australia needs to have a serious and healthy debate on what the “Australian made” brand represents. iStockphoto/Hamza Bendemra

First Qantas, now the Commodore: are we losing what makes Australia great?

Reports suggesting Holden is considering phasing out major parts of the manufacturing chain for the iconic Commodore points to a worrying trend of off-shoring the very skills manufacturing needs in order…
Dabigatran’s manufacturer didn’t provide PBAC with data comparing its effectiveness to the most inexpensive medication treating the same conditions. Harveyben

The tricks companies use to get over-priced drugs on the PBS

Boehringer Ingelheim, manufacturer of the expensive anti-clotting drug dabigatran, has initiated a lobbying campaign to get it listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). The company’s efforts…
Steve Jobs’ desire for an enduring memory of his work led him to engage a biographer. The book has become his obituary. EPA/Britta Pedersen

The power of biography: Why Steve Jobs’ legend will live on

Steve Jobs’ “official” biography was always going to be a bestseller, with its promise of a candid examination of the inner workings of the world’s most successful salesman and the company he twice built…
Qantas will now have to work very hard to persuade people to trust their brand again. AAP

We’re hopping mad now, so how will Qantas win us back?

In 2011, brand is everything in the corporate world. While the rest of the business operations are considered a cost, marketing makes money. And central to so much of modern marketing is the brand, built…
Taxing international aviation emissions could help pay our climate change bill. Flickr/FatMandy

Cutting subsidies to fossil fuels could help Australia meet its financial climate commitments

Wealthy countries have committed to mobilise up to $US100 billion a year by 2020 for climate change action in developing countries. This is almost as much as the total amount of aid provided globally each…
Day 15 of OccupyMN protest that has occupied Minneapolis. Meanwhile corporate greed continues unabated. Fibonacci Blue

Health savings accounts: just another greedy corporate scam

At a time when the “Occupy Wall Street” protests against corporate greed are proliferating in the United States and around the world, it’s ironic to read the floating of yet another corporate “get-even-more…
Water, habitat and tourist dollars: the Alps provide it all. Jane Rawson

We need our Alps, so why aren’t we looking after them?

The Australian Alps cover some 1.64 million hectares, 0.3% of the Australian continent. Included on the National Heritage register, they are of major environmental significance and home to rare and endangered…
Opposition leader Tony Abbott has signalled a shift towards Japan in our foreign and trade policy - but is this the right direction?. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

Politics, not economics may be at the heart of Abbott’s Japan focus

Opposition leader Tony Abbott’s comments in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian newspapers point to a shift in Coalition trade policy that would give Japan higher priority over China. So why would…

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