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Gestational diabetes is diagnosed when women have elevated levels of sugar in their blood during pregnancy. But there’s no international threshold.

Are you at risk of being diagnosed with gestational diabetes? It depends on where you live

Sarah and Donna are 26 weeks pregnant and have the same blood sugar levels. But while Donna is diagnosed with gestational diabetes, Sarah is spared from the label. It comes down to where she lives.
The lack of transparency seems to be worse in certain disease areas, including diabetes and heart disease. rawpixel

Influential doctors aren’t disclosing their drug company ties

Clinical guidelines have a big impact on the care you receive and the drugs you're prescribed. But one in five doctors who write these guidelines have undisclosed ties to drug companies.
Sebuah pencahayaan panjang jejak cahaya di London Tower Bridge, diambil dengan iPhone8Plus menggunakan aplikasi NightCap. Rob Layton, Author provided

Bagaimana mengambil foto lebih baik dengan ponsel, berkat fotografi komputasi

Fotografi komputasi merampingkan produksi gambar sehingga semuanya - pengambilan, pengeditan, dan pengiriman - dapat dilakukan di telepon, dengan banyak beban berat dilakukan saat gambar diambil.
At the Victorian Liberal Party election campaign launch, Opposition leader Matthew Guy said Labor had presided over a law and order crisis. AAP Image/James Ross

FactCheck: does Victoria have Australia’s highest rate of crime?

Victorian Opposition leader Matthew Guy said under Premier Daniel Andrews, 'Victoria has won the unenviable title as the state with the country’s highest rate of crime'. Is that right?

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