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Lara Bingle and Michael Clarke faced enormous media interest over their relationship. AAP

Privacy in the age of no privacy

Reaction to the widening News of the World scandal has again highlighted the lack of protection against invasion of privacy by the media in Australia. Former Prime Minister Paul Keating renewed his attack…
NIB will ask consumers to rate the performance of health providers.

The pros and cons of health provider ratings

Health insurer NIB will ask its customers to rate the performance of allied health practitioners including dentists, chiropractors and optometrists on a new website – – which will launch…
Too many doctors who define sickness and health have vested interests.

Why it’s dangerous for doctors to be on the drug company drip

If you look closely at the ways diseases are defined and at the panels of experts who draw the line between sickness and health, you find an extraordinary phenomenon. Many of these panels are heavily conflicted…

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